Four Distinct Digital Brand Personalities and How to Execute Them


Choosing your brand’s online personality is perhaps the most important step in developing your business’s social media strategy.  Trying to accomplish too many different goals with social media or wearing too many hats will confuse your followers and dilute your brand’s overall message. Therefore, it is best to pick two or three goals you want to achieve and develop a strong, consistent personality from those goals.

 Your brand’s personality will define your tone, what kind of content you will post, guidelines for sharing, and how you will respond to customers. All subsequent decisions will stem from choosing your brand’s personality, and developing the rest of your strategy will be a piece of cake.


So, are you….


  1. The Thought Leader?                        

Is it your goal to be seen as an authority in your field by your customers and colleagues?  If you want to become the go-to source for information in your industry follow these steps-

  1. Consistently keep abreast to the latest industry news and share it before most people know about it

  i.      Set google alerts with industry related keywords

  ii.      Subscribe to online magazines and journals related to your industry. You can subscribe to get a free daily email from most magazines and newspapers (i.e.  NYTimes)

  1. Put your own spin on the information by offering your own opinion rom an industry insider’s point of view
  2. Start your own blog and share valuable content own blog that is useful and addresses FAQ


2. The Content Curator?-

Do you want to be the site your followers check religiously every morning for new and interesting content across the web?

  i.      Post a variety of content from industry news, entertaining posts, and recent events 

  ii.      Skim through many different sources on a daily basis (blogs, other accounts on social media sites, news articles, etc) and select only the best content to share. Your followers will appreciate your selective eye and taste

 iii.      Once again set up a Google RSS reader but pay extra attention to include a variety of well and lesser known blogs


3. Buzz Generator –

Is it your goal to generate buzz around your brand or a new line or product?

Take extra care to keep this effort customer-centric.

ii. Offer advice or tips on how to use this particular product or how to maximize your services

iii. Encourage consumer feedback regarding products

iv. Get ideas for new products from consumers

v.      Offer promotions or discounts surrounding the product/line to your followers

vi. Create buzz around a product by sending samples to key influencers or offering a discount to all followers to be redeemed in-store

4. Consumer Advocate –  

Do you want your site to be all about the people? This model is ideal for promoting customer retention and letting your followers know you care

i. Find a unique way to showcase your followers

  1. Everyday Oreo changes their profile picture to feature a fan on their birthday
  2. Verizon hosts a competition where cool landscape pictures taken with a Verizon mobile phone are used as Verizon’s cover photo

 ii.      Create a community that encourages communities to share with you and with each other. Create incentives and make sharing easy and rewarding

 iii.      Use the site as a customer service platform. Build a reputation where customers know that their concerns (or praises!) will be responded to in a professional, timely manner


Does your brand have a unique personality not listed here? Please feel free to share your stories or add to the list!


About psychologysalonniere

I run a podcast that discusses topics relevant to everyday life from a psychology lens with the aim of entertaining and enlightening. All guests are thought leaders in their field with the knowledge of the latest research and years of clinical experience.

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